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These are the least requested posts on my blog, but possibly the most important for helping you to build a successful career as an artist. Amongst other useful posts I have a timesheet template for you to keep track of your time and materials on a project.

Timesheet for artists to keep track of hours and materials on a creative project

I developed this timesheet so that I could easily keep track of time that I spend on a project and also the materials.  It would also help other artist, crafts people, milliners, prop makers, puppet makers, costume makers and designers to help keep a log of the hours and money they spend on a job.

Please feel free to download and use it too.  Don’t forget to add in things like hours spent sourcing materials, and time spent delivering an item or postage costs.

Its free!  All I ask is that if somebody else wants to use it too, then ask them to download it from here rather than emailing them your own download.

Click on this link to download (it is a PDF): expenses_timesheet_template_edition1

Where to learn business skills when you are an Artist

piggy bank with money

Business. Money. Profit. They can seem like dirty words.

Well, as an artist who has been practicing her craft since 2007, I have some advice. You have to make money. There’s no 2 ways about it, you have to learn business skills. Nobody wants to learn them (well, maybe a rare few). Everybody would rather spend all their time creating. But that is not possible if you want to be successful and make a living from your art. And by successful I mean be able to pay your rent, go on holiday, buy food, afford to take the tube instead of the bus…..

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