Recommended reading list – what books to read to teach yourself how to make hats and headdresses

There’s a lot to be said for teaching yourself from a good book.  I like learning with a person on an actual course because it gives you good motivation to get your project finished and sometimes you can only be corrected on certain techniques in person. But I have built my collection of books over many years, and they are a valuable resource.

Here are some of my recommended books on how to make hats and headdresses.  I’ll do a separate blog post about books that are good to use for research on past historical styles, shapes and silhouettes (but those ones don’t give you notes on how to make hats).

The HAT Magazine

In the back of every The HAT Magazine (London based magazine dedicated to the hat trade), there is a section focusing on workroom techniques.  An in depth step by step tutorial on a specific skill, written by a particular milliner.  Workroom technique tutorials in the past have included Edwina Ibbotson working with feathers, Sylvia Fletcher working with draped materials and Jane Smith working with strip straw.

Morley College in Lambeth, Waterloo have a copy of every magazine, and so does The London College of Fashion in Oxford Circus (reference only, you can not borrow them).

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