Head template to use when designing hats and headdresses

Sometimes when you just want to sketch down lots of ideas for headdress designs, you don’t want to get bogged down with trying to draw the same head over and over again, in the same sized scale.

So I have developed these 3 templates.  Please feel free to download and use them to help you with your designing.  At the moment they are free!  All I ask is that if you want to pass them onto a friend, then your friend downloads them from this website, instead of you forwarding the downloaded file onto them.

You can either print them out, or use them as a background layer in photoshop (they are A4 size).

Choose the file you would like and right click to save the image to your desktop (they are jpg files).

  1. ‘Head template – 12 x small scale, front facing blank heads’
head templates to use in design work

12 small heads to trace

2. ‘Head Template – 5 x front facing blank heads’

5 heads to trace

5 heads to trace

3. ‘Head Template – 3 x front and side facing blank heads’

3 front and side on heads to trace

3 front and side on heads

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